Ska du snart åka som au pair och du undrar lite vad man ska ta med sig - här delar vi lite tips!
  • Your passport along with your visa (your visa is in your passport)
  • Your DS-2019 form along with your SEVIS-receipt
  • Copy of your flight itinerary (the one you can print via
  • Make sure that you have written down all the important contact information (Training School, Cultural Care office both in Boston and Stockholm as well as your host family)
  • Your driver's license as well as your international driver's license
  • Adapters
  • Electronics that you want to bring (laptop, tablet, mobile phone, mp3-player) - and do not forget chargers!
  • We recommend to have at least around $200 in cash - also it is worth to make sure your debit card works in the USA!
  • You want to take a lot of pictures during your time in the USA - and also make sure that you will take a lot of pictures... it is the best memory you will have!
  • Make sure you have your Erika-card with you!
  • Remember to bring the My Au Pair Travel Kit you have received from us, you will use this at the school and during your year.
  • Gifts/souvenirs from your home country to your host family! This is easy way to start showing your culture and also break the ice! Maybe there is a specific game that would be great for kids or a specific children's book? Candy is always appericiated!
  • Remember to also bring something sweet from your home country for you! You might run into a bit rainier day where you might need a sweet reminder from your home :)
  • Remember also to bring photos of your friends and family back at home to hang on your wall - will make you feel more like home!
  • Remember that you will be shopping A LOT! There's a lot more shopping in the USA (and it is often cheaper) so only pack your favorites. I often recommend to au pairs to only pack as they were going just for a vacation!
  • Also only bring toiletries for your first few weeks - everything you can find in the USA!
  • If there is a specific medication that you use, bring it from home!